Barossa Valley is not just one of the world’s great food & wine destinations! It’s a vacation for the whole family!

There’s something very special about a vacation in Barossa Valley. If you are visiting there, you will definitely be doing some wine tasting. Don’t stop there, you will be doing your vacation a disservice. Barossa is a special place. Unique in its own way. Barossans are famous for their generous hospitality, their love of a shared table and their passion for local food and wine. The landscape, in the people, the food and the wine. This beautiful place is filled with villages, vineyards and farms.  Festivals, celebrations, markets and music.

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Barossa Valley, More than Food & Wine..

Remaining true to its heritage, the Barossa keeps many of the old world traditions alive. However, a new generation of growers, winemakers and chefs are pushing the boundaries, offering new and exciting gastronomic experiences. Whether you want a quick bite at the farmers market, a casual vineyard lunch or a fine dining experience, you’ll find it all here in the Barossa. Your vacation to Barossa Valley is limitless with possibilities.

What can be added to complete your vacation in Barossa?


There are around 750 winegrowing families with over 150 wineries. This region has 175 years of growing grapes. From ultra-modern tasting rooms to quaint stone cottages, you will be welcomed with warm Barossan hospitality. Many wineries offer tours, blend your own experiences, private tastings and wine flights. Search the Barossa winery list and see if there is a “must see” winery you want to add to your list!  Barossa Wineries 


Barossa’s has a mild Mediterranean climate and rich soil.  Although the earliest landowners were English with large holdings in the Barossa Ranges, it was German-speaking settlers who had the strongest impact on the flavours of Barossa food. Driven by the need to preserve they smoked meats and dried fruit, fermented and pickled vegetables, made cheese and fermented grapes to make wine. They celebrated the turning of the seasons and gave thanks. Treasured family recipes, handed down from generation to generation.

Barossa Farmers Market

Barossa’s food producers came together to form Australia’s first authenticated regional food brand. Barossa Farmers Market, established in 2002, is still an essential weekly shopping experience. Real food from the farms and homes of the Barossa. Over 50 stallholders sells an extensive range of the local vegetables, fruit, meats, breads and cheeses. Delicious oils, preserves, bread, pastries, cakes, sweet treats, drinks and other local specialities give you everything you need for the week ahead. I must if you are here.

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Barossa is not a place to be enjoyed as a passive spectator.

There are so many ways to get involved – whether that’s chatting to a winemaker, cycling along the Jack Bobridge Track, visiting an art gallery, enjoying a heritage walk or taking a cooking class. And the kids will love their time here. Cycling, hot-air ballooning, skateboarding, minigolf and swimming are just some of the great things to do. Allow us to completely customize your vacation itinerary to include everything on your bucket list.

With a broad range of organised tours, quiet country roads, picturesque villages, delicious wine, amazing food and a timeless beauty all its own, Barossa Valley is not just a food & wine lovers paradise it can be a family vacation packed full of amazing events.

Take a look at the events the little slice of heaven has to offer.. Barossa Event Calendar 

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