Private Vacation Villas with Amazing pools!

Since I was a kid, I have been in love with pools. Pool hair? I don’t care! Growing up, I was lucky enough to have grandparents that had a really nice in-ground pool- which I spent hours of my kid-life in.  Now I am an adult, and yes, I am STILL in LOVE with a good pool- and continue to spend many adult hours in!   If I can’t swim in the ocean, then I need a good pool!  Here are some gorgeous, jaw-dropping pools at some gorgeous Vacation Villas to drool over and maybe book your next trip to with family or maybe some friends!

Picturesque pools! Imagine yourself here.

Balinese Villa Turkes & Caicos……almost nothing beats that ocean view!  Imagine being on your floaty with your drink in hand with that view! The pool and the ocean almost become one.

Vacation Villas

Los Cabos, Mexico- the Villa Serena bring that beautiful beach and Pacific waters together in this amazing infinity pool.

Vacation Villas


Get a load of this amazing rooftop Infinity Pool in Riviera Maya, Cancun. Be pleasantly WOW’D with the view of this amazing pool!

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Palmasola Punta Mita, Mexico

One of my most favorite romantic locations in Mexico- Puerto Vallarta.  This villa has a gorgeous pool with all the beautiful palm trees to feed your happiness!  I an imagine reading a good book here, can you?

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All of these Vacation Villas & jaw-dropping pools are a short plane ride away!  Here at ATA, we have unique relationships with villa rentals around the world. Give us a call to talk about a Villa that would be right for you and your travel plans!

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