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Romance might come to mind when you think of this picturesque location. But, Santorini, Greece offers much more than romance. In order to get the full Santorini experience, a tour is your best option. Having a guide show you everything the island has to offer, from the volcanoes and hot springs to the museums and renowned churches you will be left with stories to tell upon returning home.

    • If you are an ocean activities enthusiast, the islands’ diving and water sports are considered some of the best in the Aegean. From windsurfing to water parks, there is something for everyone.Santorini
    • Shopping in Santorini is plentiful, with an abundant commercial offering such fine items as jewelry, quality leather goods, art and other high-end boutiques. The traditional tourist traps don’t exist on the island, so the items you purchase are as authentic as they come.
    • Transportation is a breeze – the National Airport of Santorini offers direct flights from Athens, and you can also catch ferries to and from the neighboring islands. In terms of getting around the island, buses and taxis are the norm, but cars can be rented for very reasonable prices if the explorer in you wants to venture out.
    • Restaurants on Santorini offer exactly what you would expect from a Greek isle – amazing traditional food, revolving around the staple of seafood and its abundance in the area. Breathtaking views will highlight dining on delicious meals.

Nightlife! There is something for everyone.

The nightlife of Santorini fits the Greek tradition of lively crowds, and many of the bars and clubs are open all night long. There is a venue to cater to all preferences, so you are sure to find the right one for you.

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