Health & wellness can be obtained while on vacation.

Hawaiian Islands offer more than just beautiful scenery.

In Hawaii, nature and healing are considered one in the same. Wellness tourism is travel for the purpose of promoting health and well-being through physical, psychological, or spiritual activities. Ok, that sounds too techy. A vacation in itself can benefit your health but intentionally add activities has become a focus in today’s travel trends. Why not do it in a beautiful location like Hawaii?

Trips organized around wellness should include healthy food, exercise, spa treatments, and opportunities to experience or expand your spirituality and creativity. From peaceful retreats and yoga festivals to healing techniques and massage treatments inspired by Hawaiian culture, Hawaii’s diverse array of health and wellness offerings leaves visitors feeling rejuvenated, energized and inspired.

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Restore Health and Balance in Hawaii

 You learn how to better care for yourself, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Are you a yoga enthusiasts?

The Hawaiian Islands have festivals dedicated to yoga! October brings with it the Kauai Yoga and Peace Festival, an annual event dedicated to positively influencing global consciousness through peace mediation and yoga practices. October also has the Hawaii Yoga Festival on the island of Hawaii. Featuring digital detoxes, diverse yoga classes and rituals connecting attendees to nature and Hawaiian culture.

Is a spa visit on the top of your list?

Try a lomilomi massage, a traditional Hawaiian healing art. Add warmed pohaku (stones) and you will literally feel your tension melt away. A volcanic Treatment combines volcanic pumice, Hawaiian sea salt, taro and honey for a hydrating exfoliation. Facials with local flowers will rejuvenate your skin while adding Kona coffee as a scrub will leave you invigorated!  If your interested in a culturally inspired spa experience, might I suggest a treatment at the Hale Ho’ola Volcano’s Spa on the island of Hawaii? Hawaiian cultural traditions and healing practices are incorporated into a wide range of services.


After all, food does the body good. Fresh fruits and vegetables, local poultry & beef but let’s not forget the local seafood. Hawaiian cuisine is a colorful tapestry of traditions and flavors. Ancient customs meet international influences brought to Hawaii over hundreds of years, giving local food culture countless layers of style and flavor.

Lets get moving!

The Hawaiian islands bring out the adventurer in everyone. For avid cyclists, some of Hawaii’s most stunning routes await on the Big Island. If your ideal vacation includes hiking, kayaking, swimming, snorkeling or paddle boarding, Maui and Lanai or Big Island multi-adventure tours are just what you have in mind. Every Hawaiian island offers activities for every one and at every level.

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 Relax, Revive & Rejuvenate

Focusing on health & wellness in Hawaii is truly an easy feat. A vacation helps shrink stress and anxiety while boosting the mental and physical health of the entire family. Multi-island itineraries are also easy to attain. Inner island flights are frequent and inexpensive. If you are torn on the island or activities to do, try combining them. We can help customize a vacation package just for you.

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