The Options for your African Adventure are Endless!

Not only is an African adventure an amazing vacation for couples, but it is also perfect for families as well. Talk about the ultimate adventure! Extremely diverse. Often, you will hear someone say they want to visit Africa to see the Big 5 (elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo and rhinoceros), which is great. Now think about the continent. Your experience could include so much more. Pyramids and other historical sites, architecture, waterfalls & rivers, amazing wildlife, jungles, deserts, fascinating cultures, mouthwatering cuisine…. Should I keep going?

The one question you should ask yourself is, how should I see Africa? You can’t see it all at once, but guess what, Africa is not going anywhere. You can always go back. And believe me, people do. Here are a couple of ideas to you excited about your African Adventure!

Your African Safari Adventure by land

African Adventure River Cruise Safari

How does an open sided jeep, African savannah landscape and wildlife sound? Are you thinking Tarzan? How about jungle tracking and seeing the gorillas? A Safari adventure is designed to get you up close and personal to the wildlife, nature, and culture. The area you will be visiting will give you a totally different experience.

South Africa: offers vibrant modern cities and African outback. It has some of the world’s best wineries & cuisine. Year around festivals. Amazing beaches, golf, diving, shark dives, hiking, biking!!! International events are held here like the Rugby World Cup, Indian Cricket Premier League and Soccer World Cup. Your wilderness experience could include some of the most amazing game reserves like Sabi Sands, Madikwe, Phinda or Shamwari. Kruger National Park is the largest game reserve in Africa. This is where you can go to see the “Big 5”.

African Adventure River Cruise Safari

Include a Gorilla experience in your African Adventure!

Did you know there is an estimated 1063 mountain gorillas left in existence. Mountain gorillas live in east-central Africa in just two isolated groups – one in the Virunga Volcanoes (a region spanning 3 national parks in Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)) and one in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda, which connects to Sarambwe Nature Reserve, DRC. A gorilla experience is like no other. Along with the amazing, undeniably unforgettable experience of seeing these amazing animals, the landscape will not disappoint. The lush dense forest and beautiful volcanoes will have your camera clicking.

African Adventure River Cruise Safari

African Safari by Rail?

Yep, you read that correct, by train. For some, trekking though the jungle or sitting in an open-air jeep strolling across the savannah may not be the experience they are looking for. Try a tour onboard a luxury train. Relax and watch the countryside roll by. Enjoy first class accommodations & cuisine and experience a unique way to see Africa. Will you still get to get up close to the wildlife? Absolutely!

African Adventure River Cruise Safari

African Safari River Cruise!

This is not your normal River Cruise!

Seeing Africa by way of land & water could be a great combination.  AmaWaterways has really taken river cruising to a whole new level. The Zambezi Queen was specifically designed for safari river cruising on the Chobe River. This 28-passenger ship is as intimate as it gets. The suites offer private balconies where you can enjoy unobstructed views of the river and African landscape. Floor to ceiling windows throughout. You won’t miss a thing.

So how does one combine a tour like this? Take a look!

  • DISCOVER AFRICA: 3 nights Cape Town, 4-night Safari Cruise, 2 nights Victoria Falls
  • RIVERS & RAILS OF AFRICA: 3 nights Cape Town, 4-night Safari Cruise, 2 nights Victoria Falls, 3 nights Rovos Rail
  • WILDLIFE AND THE FALLS: 1 night Johannesburg, 4-night Safari Cruise, 2 nights Victoria Falls, 2 nights Johannesburg, 3 nights Greater Kruger National Park
  • GOLDEN TRAILS OF AFRICA: 1 night Johannesburg (or 3 nights Cape Town), 4-night Safari Cruise, 2 nights Victoria Falls, 2 nights Johannesburg and 7 nights Tanzania

Some of my favorite suppliers for an adventure like this include, AmaWaterways, Nataba Safari & African Travel.  I would like to thank them for these amazing pictures. You could take amazing pictures like these as well. Reach out and let’s start planning that African Safari adventure of a lifetime!

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