The year of Destination Weddings!

2022 is here and the Destination Wedding demand is high. Start looking at late 2022 and into 2023 and start planning well in advance. The pandemic forced many couples to cancel or postpone their destination wedding plans. Let’s be honest, thousands of honeymoons and anniversary trips were also postponed or cancelled. Now couples are eager and ready to reschedule that destination wedding they have always dreamed of! With that in mind, 2022 is set to be one of the busiest years for destination weddings. I have couples already looking into late 2023, just so they can get their dream location, date & resort venue.

Take a look at a recent article I wrote for tips to consider when planning a 2022 wedding, What You Should Know Before Planning a Destination Wedding in 2022. I recommend considering those tips for weddings beyond 2022 as well.

Destination Wedding Planning

What to consider when planning a Destination Wedding

Regardless of if you originally planned on having a destination wedding or you were planning on having a local wedding, I think it is going to be extremely beneficial to consider having a destination wedding. Why, you ask? Destination weddings, and the world, were put on hold for almost 2 years. Local wedding venues are going to fill up just as fast, if not faster, than destination wedding venues. I won’t lie, there will be some challenges long the way. Stay positive. One recommendation I make in the article above is, be flexible. Resorts and countries are opening and welcoming couples, and their families & friends, and ready to make their destination wedding dreams come true.

Consider the destination. You need to choose one that makes you and your guests feel comfortable. Check into the protocols the destination has taken so far. Look at the protocols the resort has implemented. The tourism boards are a great place to start. Then check the resort websites. They all have a section now explaining what they have done and the protocols they have put into place to make guests feel welcomed and safe.

Destination Wedding Planning

Why use a Travel Agent when planning a Destination Wedding?

The planning involved when considering a destination wedding has definitely changed. Sit down with your fiancé and write out all your thoughts/wish-lists & concerns. Contact a travel agent, one who specializes in destination weddings, and talk to them. Go over everything on your list. A travel agent will offer expert advice and knowledge on destinations & resorts and help you choose the perfect location. They will handle all the logistics, like negotiating room contracts and extra group amenities. They handle the bookings for you and your guests. I can assure you; you DO NOT want your family and friends calling and texting you with questions about the destination or their booking. A travel agent will be there for you in case of issues or emergencies. With a travel agent handling all of that AND MORE, it will definately take a large amount of worry & stress off your plate. They’re worth their weight in gold and I am not saying that because I am a travel agent. Before I became a travel agent, I used a travel agent.

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