Jolly Jaunts Across Undiscovered Britain

Take the roads less traveled!

From hillside to seaside discover the beauty of Undiscovered Britain! Explore unhurried and uncrowded England, Scotland, and Wales to shop for bits and bobs only found in bonnie shires, hamlets, and highlands. From winding paths to windswept cliffs, I invite you to discover Britain’s authentic places beyond the London Bridge with a selection of travel styles to see Britain in a new way. Discover destinations you might not yet know about, or places you didn’t think of visiting on your own.

I invite you to Join the locals to hoist a glass in Scotland and haste ye back to England while a kettle is prepared for a nice cuppa tea with a biscuit. Say, “Cheerio,” to typical tours for a better, brilliant way to see true life in England, Scotland, and Wales. Discover the undiscovered places that tell the true stories of the green hills and seaside cliffs.

Take the Cobblestones less Traveled.

Bring the “Undiscovered Britain” to life!


Discover the very British, Scottish, and Welsh spots you’ll only see with Globus and Cosmos. After working with Globus & Cosmos, I continue to be amazed. They have over 30 unique cities amongst these tours. Not sure what one to go with? Setting up a travel planning session will help. I can handle the research and the reservations. Everything will be done for you so you can enjoy your “Undiscovered Britain” vacation!

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